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Here you will find an open source, living and breathing repository of resources that we talk about on the Self Hosted podcast. You can help us help you by submitting PRs on Github to improve this documentation or fix mistakes.

About the show

This wiki was created by the audience of the Self-Hosted podcast. It's open to all to contribute via pull request.

The show is your gateway to self-hosting all the things. Discover new software to take control of cloud services and own your data. Learn how you can take steps to free yourself from the agenda of large corporates and business models designed to sell your information. We help you unlock the power of Linux and Open Source.

SSH Storage Leaderboard

Rank Guest Storage Episode Timestamp Notes
#1 Wendell Wilson 1 PB #2 15:12 ZFS and Beehive
#2 JDM 500 TB #21 37:01 Split between Unraid boxes
#3 Jeff Geerling 84 TB #41 29:51 60 TB unallocated for projects
#4 Fuzzy Mistborn 70 TB #70 11:28 Debate about whether or not to count off-site storage
#5 Techno Tim 40 TB #73 16:22 Kubernetes and #100DaysOfHomeLab initiative
#6 Jscar_Hawk 20 TB #74 36:34 All the Pis
#7 Jake Howard 14 TB #42 34:45 Was hoping for lowest (golf) score!
#8 Paulus Schoutsen 8 TB #45 20:12 Creator of the Home Assistant Project

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