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Why Bother With Your Own Cloud Photo Solution?

Many people have invested time and effort into the Google ecosystem with the promise of free photo storage only to have that broken that promise1. To expect a company to store photos and videos forever was a too good to be true mentality to begin with but this isn't the only transgression from Google in this space. Google also deactivated several people's accounts due to false CSAM flags triggered by images taken for telemedicine. A father had his life completely upended when Google not only deactived his account but also turned his entire Google history over to police without a warrant2. To make a bad situation worse, after the father was cleared by police, Google still refused him access and informed him that his data was permanently deleted.

Due to these events, many people are looking to take control of their photos and videos. This entry looks to explore different approaches to helping individuals take control of their data.

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