Free your devices from the cloud.


Tasmota is an alternative firmware for the ESP8266. Installation is done in a couple different ways;

  • OTA (over the air).
  • flashing over serial.


The main ways of installing Tasmota on a device are:

  • OTA (over the air).
  • Flashing over serial.

OTA (Over the air)

OTA is the quickest, if your device supports it. OTA requires a device that has a firmware update mechanism with a "vulnerabulity", so a spoofing update network can upload tasmota, instead of the manufacturers own firmware.

For most users this means that you would look for a device that is supported by a tool already written to exploit the firmware update mechanism. Such as Tuya-Convert, or SonOTA.


The Tuya-Convert tool allows many devices labled "Tuya - Smart Life". Tuya Smart Life, logo, and title.


The SonOTA tool Supports some of the devices released by ITEAD, under the Sonoff brand.

Serial Flash

Well documented in the Tasmota Documentation.